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And Now For Something Completely Different!!

Well… perhaps not quite, so after taking some time away from podcasting altogether I’ve decided that I wanted to try a different style of show, and not to simply continue a similar format under a new name.  At the beginning of the year I went into hospital to have an operation on my groin which had a long recovery time (for the first couple of weeks I couldn’t sit up for more than a couple of hours at a time), this gave me some much needed thinking time.

In November of 2014 I decided I wanted to move away from being involved with the Full Circle Podcast, I messaged Les and said that I wanted to call it a day which after some discussion turned into let’s wrap up recording Full Circle altogether as he was struggling to devote enough time to it, we needed more hosts in order to make it viable but attracting people to what was seen as an “Ubuntucentric” podcast was going to be daunting to say the least, so it seem a better idea to hand the reins back to the Magazine Editorial Team and throw it open to the community to take over.

After recording what would be the final recording for FCP in late November I got the bug back for recording podcasts but I knew we needed a fresh approach rather than doing the same thing again under another banner.  I’d contacted Jon Archer the LUGMaster for RossLUG to see if anyone wanted to become a presenter in their LUG, after a week or two he emailed me to say it wasn’t really a goer but he was interested, I told him Les, Tony and I were thinking of starting a new podcast which would be Distro agnostic.  Jon had his doubts about the long term validity of a podcast purely discussing Linux and FOSS but was still interested in getting involved in the new project which was good as Les and I had envisaged recruiting a “Pool” of presenters to select from on the new show, so regardless of schedule we would have at least two or three presenters who would be available for the recording (or so the theory went anyway!!).

Christmas came and I was pretty ill for most of it culminating in me being admitted to hospital early in the New Year for and emergency op and the plans for the podcast were put on hold, we had been hoping the four of us would meet to discuss and plan the new show further.  During my recovery I started to think about what Jon had said in his emails when we discussed the ideas and decided that I wasn’t really ready to commit to doing another Linux podcast, I had tried to do different things when we produced Full Circle, including recording live at conferences, speaking to different community members to get another perspective on events and changes within our sphere but I started to run out of ideas and I wasn’t sure in which direction to take things.  I’m sure our audience was getting fed up of us talking to the same people at different Raspberry Jams and wanted something different as well, so I was anxious that I wouldn’t be able to make the new show entertaining enough to keep people listening,

I decided to leave things for a while after I had recovered and I no longer had to plan my day around getting my dressings changed at a Health Centre (this pretty much ruined any chance of getting to and from events and even going to the LUG most of the time!!)  I also needed to make back the money I’d lost while I was incapacitated (as I am a Business Owner) so I plunged head long into that.  Jon got intough again asking if there was any news on a meetup, I tried to organise a meeting but we were running out of time (Ripon Road were Blackpool LUG were meeting at the time was closing in less than a month and at that point we only had a couple of meetings left before it closed).

A couple of months later I spoke to Jon about doing a different kind of technology show, just 2 presenters to keep the overhead down (post production on Full Circle was invariably a nightmare, 3 presenters sometimes more all recorded on different equipment and at different levels at different points around the country over the internet).  More than anything I wasn’t ready to commit to that kind of workload again, I wanted something with very minimal editing and didn’t sound too bad when finished.  I approached Jon because I knew he had a background in music production and we could more easily share the burden.  I know alot of people who listened to Full Circle at this point will be saying “But you started recording together with a fairly decent setup, why can’t you go back to that again?”  When Ripon Road closed we lost that facility short of dragging equipment round to each others houses every other week we didn’t have a space available, Tyldesley Road space is coming on great guns thanks to the hard work Mike Hull has put in to getting the space ready it has come on incredibly quickly over such a short timescale but we still at the moment don’t have a space for recording.  We would have to go back to the old method of recording over Google Hangouts or Mumble were everyone records their end and I sync it up with the recording at my end to produce one complete recording, but we all know it isn’t as simple as that…Don’t we!!

And so The Tech Shed Podcast is born!!  A show dedicated to the Technology and Home Brew Electronics Enthusiast, as the name suggests we wanted to give the idea that this show is “Home Brew” in it’s nature, but we are hoping not to compromise too much on quality we hope to have: some interviews, some reviews, some news (off course… it wouldn’t be a podcast without it, but as with Full Circle this will be “Opinionated News” as Robin Catling dubbed it).  Of course there will always be at least a smattering of FOSS and Linux content in there as both Jon and I will continue to be actively involved with it.  So Jon and I cordially invite you along for the ride, there will inevitably be some growing pains as we get settled in so please bear with us.

You may well be asking is the Linux Podcast dead now?  I’m not prepared to put the nail in the coffin on that one just yet, I have said to all concerned that I want to get a few episodes of The Tech Shed Show under the belt so to speak, before I talk about the future of LP, certainly while we don’t have regular access to a space to record in it makes life very difficult and so we may take a “further” Hiatus and wait till the new space is ready at Tyldesley Road before we make a decision on it, we could still use a couple more presenters too to make the project viable really.  So stay tuned on that one.

As a footnote, to those who I promised a full and frank post on why we walked away from Full Circle (from my perspective anyway!!) this is still on going as I pick it up and put it down.  It’s still top of the pile when I log into WordPress and it’s nearing completion now, so Thank You for bearing with me it’s been a difficult post to write but it will be with you soon.